Song Examples- Easy Street, Tell An Angel Goodbye, Ten Thousand Tears Ago, How Can I Love You, Start It Up, A Place I Know Called Love, Lonely  [All songs written and performed by Marvenis]

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LATEST RELEASES- Former Elektra Records artists Starpoint's Fake News Music (don't believe you ears)

Below is the actual all-access backstage pass Marvenis was required to wear each day of their global tour for their smash hits "Da Butt (#1)," "Shake Your Thang (#4)," "Buck Wild"(#7), and "Taste Of Your Love" (#2).

Bookings for 2015

Below is what a typical day in the life of being a band member of E.U. (Experience Unlimited) was like when they were signed with Virgin Records, Island Records, and now Fill in the__Blank Records and Filmworks.

Read what multiple Grammy Award recipient/ SuperstarTONI BRAXTON write to Marvenis on the Promo Photo below...

Toni Braxton before she was a superstar

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