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Starpoint in Right on Magazine

Our principal hit songwriter/hit record producer started his career with the band you see pictured above. Marvenis is pictured second from the right. The photo was taken after their concert at the San Diego Sports Complex during the group's most successful tour called "The Restless Tour." They were enjoying the success of their top Billboard Hot 100 "hit" single "Object of My Desire" at the time. The group was signed with Elektra Records and Marvenis says that one of the best moments in his performing career with the group was when they received their first RIAA Certified GOLD Award following their sold-out concert performance at New York's Madison Square Garden.

He says that prior to that sold-out concert performance at New York City's Madison Square Garden they headlined at Harlem's famed "Apollo Theater," they performed at New York's famed "Beacon Theatre," and every other major venue in the New York market.

Marvenis shared this story with us about the group's first official tour:

Marvenis was working one of the only conventional jobs he ever worked in his life... other than working with the family business... He was working at Westinghouse ATL, near Baltimore, and when he got his first vacation, 1-year into the job, he decided not to go back to work the first day he was due back...

He also decided not to go back the second day he was due back from his vacation. That particular day, however, he received a call from his co-worker at the time, the CEO/President of Southeast Fuels, Ken Bethea, and he told Marvenis that the supervisor, the late Mike Pearl, was about to fire him if I did not return to work the following day.

As fate would have it, however, the manager of the group Starpoint, Lionel Job, called to let him know that the band [Starpoint] had only 2-weeks to prepare for their first ,ajor tour. When Marvenis called the job with the news of the forthcoming tour...even Ken [Bethea] thought it was a matter of Marvenis' pride that did not allow him to return to his, so-called, good job at Westinghouse. 

Then this happened-

It was on the first day of the tour where everything at his old job took a different turn. Marvenis says that when he called back to let his former co-workers know how the first night was going they all wanted to speak with him and they all had the sound of excitement in their voices. He says they all started asking for backstage passes for 2 concerts near the group's home town which the group had no knowledge of at the time. It took his former co-workers hearing commercials on the radio about the forthcoming concerts to finally realize that what Marvenis had told them was, in fact, true!

The group's first tour was with the Isley Brothers... As a matter of fact Marvenis recalled how their first concert was on a Monday night on the outside of Chicago at the "5 Star Theater in the Round." He says that prior to the start of the show the concert promoter came into their dressing room with what they assumed was a huge problem. You see... the group was skeptical about the fact they were performing a concert on a Monday night...and they expected no one to actually show up.

When the concert promoter came into their dressing room that's what they were expecting to hear but instead this is what he shared with them: 

The promoter asked the group what they had to do for the rest of the week and then went on to suggest that The Isley Brothers could sell-out the venue 30 days in a row... still doing 2 shows a night... but they only had the rest of the week free to stay in that town. Therefore, when Marvenis spoke with his former co-workers at Westinghouse ATL, he told them that what was supposed to be 1 show on a Monday night, on the outside of Chicago, turned into doing 2-shows a night for 5 consecutive days... 10-shows... What a way to start their tour!